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Electric Tooth Brush Vs Normal Tooth Brush – Which one should you use?

A long time back people were very unaware of the purpose and usage of a toothbrush. People then used sticks of trees like Miswak, feathers of birds, rags, fish bones, etc. With advancements in technology and medical science, people started understanding that dental health is also important for better living. Brushing became a regular practice for the people in India from the year 1938 as it was the year when regular toothbrushes were introduced in the country. Ever since then the demand for toothbrushes has risen significantly. Now in the 21st century, besides manual toothbrushes, the demand for electric toothbrushes has also increased.

Manual Toothbrush

Manual toothbrushes, like the name suggests, are toothbrushes that require human efforts. These are hand-held brushes usually made out of hard plastic and have soft plastic bristles for cleaning the teeth and tongue.

Manual toothbrushes are very cost-effective and hence are used in almost all households. These toothbrushes are held parallel to the teeth and moved in an up and down motion to remove the debris and other particles from the teeth.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Toothbrush

Although used widely, these toothbrushes come with many advantages as well as disadvantages.

Advantages of Manual Toothbrushes

  • They are very Cost-efficient. In India, toothbrushes start from Rs.20 which is very feasible for the citizens
  • There is a wide range of varieties & options to choose from. Based on flexibility, the softness of the bristles, and also the material of the toothbrushes the variety available is huge. There are even bio-degradable toothbrushes that are very helpful and
  • They are very easy to carry as these toothbrushes are lightweight and can fit in any bag when traveling
  • The flexible neck of these toothbrushes makes it easier to move the bristles to every corner of the teeth.
  • Easy to use without any technical problems

Disadvantages of Manual Toothbrushes

  • It doesn’t have time reminders because of which people tend to over brush or underbrush their teeth.
  • Hard to handle because of the hard plastic surface. This is a problem especially for the kids and old people

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are considered to be fancier and more impactful kinds of toothbrushes. These are non-manual kinds of toothbrushes. With these, the motions of the bristles while brushing are automated because of the motor fixed to the brush. Such toothbrushes tend to be more effective than manual toothbrushes.

Most of these toothbrushes have a timer that encourages optimal brushing habits. These manage to clean every corner of the teeth and remove debris and food particles very easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Toothbrush

Although these toothbrushes are effective yet are very alien to many people in India. People take electric toothbrushes as a high-end product so don’t opt for them often without understanding the benefits. Like manual toothbrushes, these brushes too have advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Electric Toothbrushes

  • These are very helpful for people who have braces on
  • For the disabled, old aged people and children such toothbrushes are proved to be more effective
  • Because of the automated bristles, these toothbrushes remove plaque and other particles from the teeth in a better way.

Disadvantages of Electric Toothbrushes

  • These are not very cost-efficient. In India, the prices of good quality electric toothbrushes start from Rs.400 which is not feasible for many people in the country
  • As these toothbrushes are battery operated there are chances that these might have a lot of technical problems after some usages.
  • Such toothbrushes have lights attached to them and make noise when switched on while brushing. This could cause distraction and irritation at some point in time.

Closing Lines

Manual and electric toothbrushes are both very useful and efficient when it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene. When it comes to dental health the dentist will always suggest the best kind of toothbrush. We just have to remove that no matter what kind of toothbrush we decide or are suggested to use, we should always check for the quality of the toothbrush especially the bristle quality so that we don’t fall prey to harsh brushing and bad oral health.

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