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Causes of Mouth Ulcers, Treatment & Prevention

The deterioration or erosion of part of the fragile tissue lining the inside of the mouth (mucous membrane) is a mouth ulcers. Multiple causes exist. The main explanation is damage, such as the biting of your cheek unintentionally. Other causes are aphthous ulceration, certain drugs, skin disease in the mouth, viral, bacterial and fungal, toxins, certain systemic diseases, and, occasionally, malignancy.

In most situations, mouth swelling is harmless and resolves without treatment within 10 days. Aphthous ulcers, with no clear cause, are persistent ulcers. It affects approximately 20 to 30% of the population.

See your dentist if within a couple of days, your mouth ulcers do not clear up or if you get them regularly.

What symptoms are associated with mouth ulcers?

There are three types of mouth ulcers: minor, major, and herpetiform.


Minor mouth ulcers are small round or oval ulcers which heal without a scar within one or two weeks.


Major mouth ulcers are deeper and wider than minor mouth ulcers. They can take up to six weeks to recover and have irregular edges. Major ulcers in the mouth can cause long-term scarring.


Herpetiform mouth ulcers are indicative of the size and occur of clusters between 10 and 100 and sometimes affect adults. This form of mouth ulcer has rough margins and is mostly healed within one to two weeks without scarring.

If you develop one of the following, you should see a doctor:

What triggers mouth ulcers?

  • Behind mouth ulcers, there is no definitive cause. There have however been identified some causes and triggers. Including:
  • Mild mouth damage caused by dentures, rough brushing, sports injuries, or unfortunate bite
  • mouth rinses containing lauryl sulphate and sodium
  • Acid food susceptibility, such as strawberries, and pineapples as well as other products such as chocolate and coffee trigger
  • Lack of critical vitamins, in particular B-12, zinc, iron, and folate  
  •  Mouth bacteria allergic reaction
  • Teeth braces
  • Hormone modifications during menstruation
  • Sleepless or mental tension
  • Diseases of the bacteria, viruses, or fungi

Mouth ulcers may also be a symptom of more severe conditions that need medical attention, for example:

  • celiac disorder (a disease that does not allow the body to handle gluten)
  • Inflammatory stomach disease
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Behcet disease (a body-wide inflammatory condition).
  • an immune system malfunctioning that causes the body to target healthy mouth cells rather than viruses and bacteria
  • AIDS / HIV

Investigation of mouth ulcers

See your dentist or oral surgeon for ulcers that conflict with your usual day-to-day activities.

Careful observation is needed to determine the cause of mouth ulcers. If they believe that you may have an underlying deficiency (such as a deficiency in iron or vitamin B) or an inflammatory disorder, your dentist or oral medicine specialist can order the blood tests.

You will have to have a biopsy of a portion of your ulcer and any of the surrounding tissue if an oral medical practitioner is incapable of identifying the cause of your mouth ulcer or if the ulcers do not respond to regular treatments. A biopsy is a technique for the analysis and diagnosis of a tissue sample.


Not all in the mouth needs an urgent doctor’s examination. The details below will help people determine if an assessment by a doctor is appropriate and help them know what to expect.

Signs of Warning

Certain signs and attributes are of concern for systemic disorders in people with mouth discomfort. Including

  • Fever
  • Blisters that are on the skin
  • Eye inflammation
  • Sores in people with a compromised immune system (such as HIV infected individually)

When to see a doctor

People who have warning signs should immediately see a doctor. Within several days, people who have no warning signs but have a lot of discomforts, usually feel sick, and/or have difficulty eating should see a doctor. A dentist or doctor must check all individuals with a sore that lasts for 10 days or longer to ensure that the sore is not cancerous or precancerous.

Treatment for mouth ulcers

  • The majority of mouth ulcers are mild and solve in 10 days. Specific treatments are required for other forms of mouth ulcers such as aphthous variety and herpes simplex inflammation such as mouthwash, gel, or ointment.
  • The healing of ulcers can’t speed up, but it can control symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.
  • Mouth ulcers treatment options include:
  • Avoid salty, sour foods before healing of ulcers.
  • Get a lot of fluid to drink.
  • Rinse the mouth in warm slightly salted water on a regular basis.
  • Keep a clean mouth.
  • Take medicine to relieve pain, such as paracetamol.
  • Apply ulcers with antiseptic gel.
  • Apply chlorhexidine-gluconate medicated mouthwash with no alcohol.
  • Use a topical ointment or mouthwash steroid – normally prescription from your expert in dentistry or oral medicines.
  • Use your oral health provider to administer immunosuppressant medicine when necessary. (Rarely, for serious oral ulceration, this is necessary.)

Tips to prevent mouth ulcers

The existence of mouth ulcers may be minimized. It might be good to avoid foods that upset your mouth. This involves acidic fruits such as orange, grapefruits, pineapple or lemons, and nuts or spicy chips.

Instead, pick entire grains and alkaline vegetables and fruits. Eat a safe, balanced diet, and take a multivitamin every day.

Try not to chat when you chew your food in order to avoid unintended bites. The use of dental floss daily and brushing after food can also help to alleviate stress and maintain good oral hygiene. Then get enough sleep and relax. This would stop mouth ulcers as well as a host of other diseases.

Some people find it beneficial to prevent soft bristles and mouth washing, which contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Your dentist will supply you with wax to cover rough edges in the dental or orthodontic mouth.

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